Thursday, September 10, 2009

some Recent projects working or worked on & coming!..

more projects coming etc. always working on new ones, these below are some finished. we make sure you always have a quality final product & we only work with people who finish them. jv/

OX (NEW COMING SOON) final touch up in ATL see ya next week OX Death Of A Salesman... Just gets better..
Producers: Man Mantis, LuvJonez, D.L.O. (iceman), DJ Pain1, A-WAXX DJ SoulClap, Mixxed & some Co Production by JoeyV/RemedyBornMuzik

Mixxed by JoeyV/RemedyBornMuzik

(ATL Artist) RASHEEN Album Coming Soon
Did 2 songs at least one is a go on the album. Songs "Natural" & "Get Right"Produced by A-WAXX/RemedyBornMuzik, added bass line, Rec & Mixed by JoeyV/RemedyBornMuzik

JL Jesse Lester R&B Singer/Songwriter Projects & Album comming soon!

Felicia Alima "TRAD SONG" ft Chino XL #3 Produced by DJ Pain1 etc. on the Trade song! Muzik with a cause. Glad to be a part of it! jv/RBM http://

Trade Remix song #3 Mixxed by JoeyV/RemedyBornMuzik (not mastered)

OX Life Support & the Deluxe Edition.
Video from the Life Support Album!

producers: Man Mantis, LuvJonez, D.L.O. (iceman), DJ Pain1, A-WAXX, more if i missed ya sorry ask OX lol
Recorded by JoeyV & Jason form Bottom Up Studios. all Mixxed, mast., choped added samples & some arrangement by: JoeyV/RemedyBornMuzik

D.L.O. Customer Service LP
Mixxed, Recorded Mast. & some arrangement by: JoeyV/RemedyBornMuzik

OX Animal Grind MixTape recorded & cutz by DJ Pain1
Engineered/Mixed/Mast JoeyV/RemedyBornMuzik

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