Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OX Album on bandcamp! Listen or download it here!.. New album completed over the last year and a half that is a project with production from the Midwest, Germany, Denver, and Atlanta. All tracks written by Ox (except for the guest MC's) Mixed/mastered/engineered by JoeyV for RemedyBornMuzik. Mantis, Jason Storkson also recorded tracks. Producers include: Man Mantis, DLO, Luv Jonez, Waxx, DJ Pain One, DJ Soul Clap, and 4th Eye. Artwork completed by Luv Jonez. Enjoy people! Peace n Longevity

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rebstar (Sweden) "Down".. (new MIXTAPE SOON!) New song!
Mixed by JoeyV/RBM "Down" produced by DJ Pain1! (BEATS 4 DAYS) its a BANGGERR! Keep on eye out! Photobucket
Email Reb for the free track & info..