Friday, August 1, 2014


Cool I can show some of my work!.. I did engineer work on songs 3, 5, mix n mastered the entire songs. Honored. Music love. Check out the single "Give We The Pride" ft Mavis Staples I even did the chops in Mavis's vocals in the breakdown and dropouts in some of the beat for Chuck. So cool! I can honestly say this is what I went to school for and i accomplished something very important to me, Special thanks to @djpain1 @dividedsouls & others.. CHUCK D aka MISTACHUCK THE BLACK IN MAN! RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!


  1. The intro opens with a mini rant about twitter and refusing to be a tweeter. Which only succeeds at making Chuck both a curmudgeon and a hypocrite as he can't stop tweeting. Then track one kicks in and.... Ugh. This is what Rap music sounds like at 55, and it doesn't sound good. And I am speaking as an old loyal PE fan. Face it: Between "There's a Poison Goin On" and "Revolverlution" Chuck D kind of gave up, it seems, and stopped bothering with creating different flows to fit different beats...(compare 1990's "Reggie Jaxx" to "Pollywannacracka" to "Revolutionary Generation", all completely different flows appropriate to its particular track) now he just applies a "one size fits all" rant over interchangeable tracks. Much the same way KRS ONE does more and more too. I guess it's the curse of having made over 15 albums...everything about making an album must be old news. It's one thing to admit you never was the "best at finesse", like Chuck had said in the past, but to just not bother trying anymore to flow and fit the beat and just rant over every song in the same monotonous way, it just gets tired real quick. Even worse, gone are the times when he wrote cleverly worded lyrics, they have been replaced by puns. He even recycles the same cheap puns...over...and over...

    How many times have we heard him use a verse rhyming "radIATION" and "nATION" and "TV Radio stATION" in only slight varIATION? It wasn't clever the first time we heard it. But he is in love with that little nugget. Lazy. Repetitive. Tired. Uninspired. Sloppy. Even his album titles are now mostly puns ("new whirl odor") and they are getting lazier ("superman's black in the building", or this new pun on the old "the man in black" title; "the black in man", which sounds like getting raped in jail). The beats mostly sound tired, too. "Give we the pride" did not sound bad musically, but Chuck's lacklustre rhymes drag it down into has-been mediocrity. Also seems slightly contradictory to have the wrong pronoun in the title of a song supposed to boost a people's pride. Does "Give we the pride" supposedly sound "blacker" than "Give us the pride"? Isn't that a case of a self declared champion of black people equating blackness to illiteracy and bad grammar? We all remember the days where people awaited the new PE album in anticipation. give this menopause drivel a miss and spin the classics.

    1. Guess you should only listen to old PE now. Or not listen to them at all anymore.


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